Dancing DJ's - Dj Craig and Dj Mack co-deejaying one of our many corporate ballroom dancing gigs. You will always find us dressed not only to impress but appropriate for your particular type of venue.

Experienced Mobile DJ's.  All Dance Venues (Nightclub - Proms to Church - Community), Weddings, Corporate and Private Parties, Reunions, Special Occasions/Events & Dance Instruction.  We also specialize in Latin dance venues (Spanish Speaking) & in teaching all clients how to dance.  We maintain high professional and business standards.  Our pricing is very competitive.  Compare and save.  Intelligent and Social MC Interaction.  We make your musical event appropriate, pleasurable and successful. (310) 926-7178

One of the great benefits we hear about from our clients and customers, is getting (2) two deejays at their event for essentially the price of (1) one.  They know that there is about a 50% chance they will get two (2) fully qualified deejays instead of just (1) one........ especially when it is absolutely needed due to logistics and the client's particular and individual needs.  And when this happens do we charge double? No, and not much more if any!  It's just one of the additional benefits offered by the Dancing DJ's.  Another added bonus.......... these DJ's CAN dance and we will dance with you almost any time, especially when we are co-deejaying!!  So..........just ask us. Please note:  This web site is continuously being updated with new calendar events, music info, photos & historical data.  Please refresh our pages and check back often.  See ya on the dance floor.......................

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